Tuesday, July 20, 2010


WHEN! I ask you WHEN! Is my child going to sleep throught the night????? I am going on almost two years of not sleeping through the night myself.

Wierd thing is, every now and again, he will sleep through the night. Then it's a growth spurt, or he's teething, or he's sick. There are real reasons he is waking up in the night, but sometimes, I think it's Seperation Anxiety.

I love my child so much...but a rested mommy is a happy mommy.

Parents, what worked for you?


Anonymous said...

Is he getting enough to eat? Sometimes a full tummy helps sleep through the night. My daughter is very calm baby. She's now 11 months old but has been sleeping through the night at 4 months. I know each baby is different. But try and see if it works.

Jamie0418 said...

Don't give up hope. I have b/g twins that are almost 18 months old and they still wake up about 4 nights a week. Make sure he gets enough calories during the day, then as hard as it is, try NOT to go into the room unless he is crying the "something is really wrong" cry. My son has figured out that any cry used to get me to come in, then he would just want to play.. Now I use my video monitor to see what's going on and only go in if there is a good reason to. They still wake up and want to play, but they play together or with safe toys (cloth books and such) then go back to sleep.